A program designed to protect the health and safety of passengers

What We Are Doing

Please follow social distancing guidelines when traveling through Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) by keeping at least six feet between yourself and other travelers. Cover coughs and sneezes. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face. 

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) staff adhere to CDC guidelines for cleaning, utilize CDC recommended cleaning solutions, and conduct frequent disinfection of high touch areas.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) is utilizing signage, stanchions and public announcements to promote social distancing. TSA, airlines, and staff are working together to separate passengers in all cue lines utilizing signage, stanchions and public announcements to continue social distancing requirements

Electrostatic fogger disinfection will be applied throughout the terminal, including the boarding gates, passenger loading bridges, baggage claim and other areas accessible to the traveling public multiple times over the next four months.

What's New at JAX